The 3 mistakes parents make in their children’s financial education

Financial education for children is difficult to treat today, the ego of many parents hinders the potential for children to achieve more than what their parents have achieved Today, parents make lots of mistakes with children regarding the use of money. As a result, there are many young people with financial problems and debts at an early age that prevents them from achieving the objectives set.
financial education
Consumerism is a problem that encompasses all socio-cultural levels in the world, especially because of the advertising that invades us 24 hours 365 days a year. This suggests that advertising makes us spend our money on things that we do not really need.

1. Speaking well of money Vs speaking ill of money :

If your language as a parent teaches kids that money can help us to do good things and help others, your child will grow up with the idea of ​​having money and being beneficial. Speaking ill of the rich, cursing their existence and making a number of negative statements alluding to them, just makes the child to believe in your subconscious misconception that having money is bad or if you have money, you are a bad person.

If from their tender age children begin to create mental images and have expectations of the thousands of things you can do to help others taking the money, you can guess the child’s future now.

2. Being role model Vs having no plan

The child can model what their parents are. If they see how parents are successful people, work and are smart when talking about money, this will be a behavior that the child can also be modeled to display.

If you have financial problems all year (or part thereof) or each time the child wants a toy your answer is “no money”, the child will grow with the mentality of scarcity and understand that there is no remedy for that. What we do and what we say about money and facing children, will be largely the way they act in the future with respect to the subject

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3. Teaching Good habits Vs bad habits

Work, save, invest and multiply money are habits children learn from their parents once they see you do it regularly. Teach them to have a piggy bank, for things to work to earn, to have their own savings account to buy his favorite toy, etc. Habits such as wasting money, live with barely enough, complain daily or works all day do not leave the best education for their children. They understand that money grows on trees and can splurge without consideration.

The advantages of teaching financial education for children are immense. They start handling money at an early age and become more prosperous. Educating our children financially is vital to create steps to forming good financial habits. It helps them with money management, programming and creating a financial culture in each, creating a different consciousness and thus avoiding many obstacles in their lives with money management.

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Top New Year Goals and How to Keep Them

The new year is an opportune time to examine one’s life and figure out what areas require improvement or change. Customarily in many cultures the new year has been used as a time to begin afresh. The transition from an old year to a new one thus provides the chance for reinvention. Most new year goals are made in three areas. These are:


Some of the more common financial goals include getting out of debt, saving up and investing for future financial security.

In order to get out of debt, one of the first things to do is cut down on your credit card debt. If you have more than one credit card it would be wise to first pay off the one with the steepest interest rates to avoid the interest charges accumulating to unmanageable amounts. Alternatively you can choose to pay off the card with the smallest outstanding balance first because you get an immediate sense of accomplishment and you can build on the momentum to take on eliminating the higher debt.

To succeed in saving the most important thing is to be highly specific about what you want to accomplish. This means that simply resolving to save money is not enough; you have to state the specific amount you want to save and in what period of time. This can be achieved by setting up an automatic savings plan where money is saved before you spend it.


When it comes to health, many people resolve to start eating healthier and more nutritious foods, losing their excess weight, taking up physical exercise, quitting cigarettes, reducing alcohol intake or quitting altogether, managing stress and so on.

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With regards to career people want to make changes that will see them progress and get a promotion, be more productive or finally start out on their own. It could also involve pursuing advanced education or finding a better job or even starting out on an entirely new career.

More important than coming up with goals is keeping those resolutions. But how do you do that when statistics are stacked up against new year resolutions?

Tips to help you stick to your new year goals

1. Small beginnings – when planning on making changes in your life pick those changes that you think you can accomplish. This way you will build the confidence required to undertake bigger changes in your life later.

2. Prepare – before you embark on whatever changes you want to make in your life do some little research on it. This will ensure that you are prepared mentally and physically.

3. Expect failure – anticipating the challenges you may face ensures you come up with ways on how to deal with them when those challenges surface.

4. Don’t give up – failure is human and when it comes you should not be discouraged. You have to persist and keep at it. When you get knocked down, get up again.

5. Reward yourself – every time you succeed to pat yourself on the back with a little reward. Your brain will associate the reward with good behavior and this will aid in sustaining the good behavior.

Whatever positive change you want to make in your life there’s no doubt that if you stick it out, one year from now when you see how much improvement you’ve made in your life, you will be grateful you took the initiative. And it will be an even happier new year!

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